Mercy Riders

Pushing pedals, pushing hope

The Giving Tree

Upon the decision to raise money for Mercy Housing, I wanted to more immerse myself in what they did. The riders had an opportunity to visit one of the housing sites, tour the facility and talk to a couple of residents in September. The visit was very gratifying and inspiring.

Afterwards, walking back to the train, I had a thought which germinated from conversations being had at our St Anthony’s parish’s Saint Vincent de Paul (SVdP) meetings. SVdP is in charge of running the giving tree for the parish at Christmas time. Why not include the kids from a couple of facilities run by Mercy Housing?

The next SVdP meeting I broached the subject with the members, including Cookie who is in charge of the event, and it was heartily welcomed by all. We’d have more tags on the tree than ever before, but St Anthony’s Parish has been again up to the task of helping those in need and picked the trees clean.

Monday, at our SVdP meeting I was told that there was a gentleman that wanted to help drive the presents up to the facilities with his two children to expose them to the experience. It didn’t hit me right away but this is EXACTLY what our Mercy Riders goal is; to raise awareness for the Mercy Housing mission and to get people involved. AWESOME!

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