Mercy Riders

Pushing pedals, pushing hope


I wish I could remember his name…… He said that he was proud of the Mercy Riders for cycling across the country, and bringing attention to Mercy Housing, and raising some well needed money. He said we had courage. He is one of the residents at Mercy Housing in the South Loop in Chicago. He said this from his wheel chair as he gave me as firm a handshake as he could muster. He had no legs.
I’m proud of what we are doing too. When we rolled into Frankfort and our families and friends where there to meet us, it was wonderful to see them and feel warm hugs and see smiling faces. I can’t remember ever being so happy to be home. At the party the next day, so many voiced how proud they were of what we had accomplished. My sister Linda from Tennessee called that evening on the phone. She and my nephew Jim also said that they were proud of us. It meant so much to me when Jim said he was proud of me. Thanks Jim, and thanks to everyone who shared the same thoughts.
I am living out a dream I’ve had for almost three decades. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do it and to be able to share it with my sister Barb and this great team we have. I’m really enjoying this ride, but I have to keep all this in perspective. Real courage is getting yourself out of bed every day and getting into a wheel chair. Courage is going to work and helping fight for those in need, like they do everyday at Mercy Housing. My thanks go out to all those at Mercy Housing for your courage. Thank you to all those who have supported this effort. Thank you to the gentleman in the chair who shared his feelings and wisdom and shows real courage. When I think of him, I’m grateful for the pain in my legs. Thank you Lord for this great privilege and for all the gifts you’ve given me. I will try to never take them for granted.

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