Mercy Riders

Pushing pedals, pushing hope

Day 37 – July 21 – ending in Schellsburg, PA


We stayed on route 30 all day today. Lots of traffic in the first half of the ride, then a huge hill over 5 miles long. The downhill was fast but too short. The hills here rival those in Colorado. About 42 miles into our ride we visited the flight 93 memorial. We took a picture of me, Michelle and Matt at the sign at the entrance. Matt wasn’t born when 9/11 happened. He was curious why we had to smile in the picture. Good point.

After some time at the memorial, we had a late lunch in the parking lot. A gentleman named Wayne stopped by who’d seen the van. Turns out he has a brother in the general area where we’ll be dipping our wheels in the Atlantic Ocean, so we may have a place to camp.

After our late lunch, we were only about 15 miles from our campsite for the evening. After several climbs and descents, we came upon a descent that was nice and long. At the end there was a farm with bison so we stopped and took some pictures. We rolled through Schellsburg and just east of it we were at the campground.




Matthew was in the pool when I got to the campground, so I joined him and threw him around and had some fun. It was a good day.