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Dinner at the White House was special

(Greensburg, PA, 7/21/12) After a start and stop, lost and found day of navigating our way through Pittsburg we arrived late to our hotel and a late dinner of a welcome “pot stew” with chick peas, pasta and chicken, prepared by Michelle. Delicious, but it couldn’t compare to the previous night’s dinner at The White House.

We were actually “rescued” yesterday by Barb and Michelle. We took a lot of extra time discerning our route, with a couple of wrong turns, including one presumed downhill path to a bike path that was the steepest descent of the trip! My brakes felt like they were going to burn out. The sun was setting five miles from our hotel when we called for a pickup. It was great to get a shower after a day without one.

The previous night we camped in Minerva, OH on the lawn at the Mt. Zion church. Keith saw a sign for the Edgewater Golf Course and asked the church music director for a ride there to see if we might shower there (hot, humid 100-mile riding really needs daily showering, not sponge bathing). No showers, but we were invited to the White House restaurant to dine after regular hours – all the fish and chips we could eat! We toweled off and arrived at 9:30 p.m. to dine on pounds of great fish and chips and wonderful desserts (I will miss not having to consider calories in a hot fudge sunday). The staff was so gracious with us, working after hours to feed riders and support team. Meal, dessert, and wine, all had for $20! If this was a restaurant guide, I would go on, but you’ll have to find out for yourself. If you’re around Minerva, OH, make sure to stop by: The White House, 2401 Fox Ave, 44657, 330-862-2630.

Emil shares our ride mission with McDonald’s diners.

Today we continue east through Pennsylvania, with a stop at the Shanksville Flight 93 memorial. It’s supposed to be a short distance riding day and we’ll be traveling Highway 30. Thanks for continued prayers and support!