Mercy Riders

Pushing pedals, pushing hope

Entertaining Angels Unawares

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2  If you have been following the sucessful 3,800 mile, 6 week cross country  journey of the Mercy Riders,  clearly,  there have been many blessed moments; many stories behind the story!  I was honored to be with them in Chicago, to be part of a circle of prayer with the riders and with residents of one of the Mercy homes.  It was so powerful and as I listened and entered into the passionate, spontaneous prayer, the scripture passage about entertaining angels unawares came to my heart.  I have been pondering this ever since. Recently, when rider housing for the final destination in Rehoboth Beach, DE  fell through, (does anyone else find this ironic?) I was asked to help in the search.  It was humbling, to be in the vulnerable position of ASKING for help; asking for housing, even though it was for temporary and not urgent  hospitality. (Mercy Riders have their own financial resources and back up plans, unlike those who don’t!)  What a better place to seek hospitality than amongst God-worshipping, gospel-driven brothers and sisters?! Right?  So, after several “cold” calls, one favorable response was received.  Oh, the JOY of receiving a YES, “we would love to house the Mercy Riders” who have diligently poured their sweat and tears into raising funds for those who are housing insecure!!!  Thank you, thank you Pastor Don Schaeffer, of Lutheran Church for Our Savior, for opening up your parish to the Mercy Riders….for entertaining angels unawares!!  Peace be upon you all.