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Day 41 – July 25 – ending in Rehoboth Beach

No Bikes on the Bay Bridge

No Bikes on the Bay Bridge.

Once again the rain threatened, but the rain never came.  We weren’t allowed to bike over the bay bridge, so Michelle carted us over into nearby Chester.

Mark had the distinction of getting the first and now the last flat of our ride.  He may even had the most flats.  I don’t think anyone eclipsed 10 total.

Delaware is very bike friendly with wide shoulders and lanes dedicated for turning only cars and bikes.  As we approached the Rehoboth Beach area, the traffic was bad but the bike lane had us moving right along.

As an extra treat,we got some helicopter coverage.  Through the cousin of someone who talked to us during our ride, we were interviewed by Fox News at the Atlantic Ocean.  Pretty awesome, but not as awesome as actually getting from coast to coast together in once piece, better friends than we were at the beginning of the ride, and healthy.

We got to the beach under overcast skies.  We crossed the boardwalk and carried the bikes down to the Atlantic Ocean.  I didn’t bother taking off my shoes.  We took pictures dipping our front wheels into the water.  Then a wave hit me and got the rest of the bike.  Fox news was there to interview some of us.  Greg, Jim and Claire spoke.  Matt had his shoes pictured.

We washed the bikes at the boardwalk, then made our way to the Lutheran Church of Our Savior, who graciously hosted us, providing us with a shower, and a large room for sleeping. The church was also hosting some international students for dinner, and we accepted the offer to eat with them.

We’re staying the night, then most of us are staying tomorrow to unwind a bit.

Matt vs the Atlantic

Matt vs the Atlantic

After the dip

After the dip