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June 15, One Year Later

Diane and Nicholas made us breakfast, and we were driven back to where we left off the day before. Aside from the night in the hotel after flying in to San Francisco, we haven’t spent much money on food or lodging. The same can be said for the end of our journey today. During the day we’re still working out logistics between figuring out where to stage rest stops and where we’ll be staying any given evening. From time to time, we got some royal treatment at rest stops, where Mark and Matt, riding in the van, would run up and ask if water bottles needed to be filled. Chairs were put out. It was awesome.

not your typical rest stop

not your typical rest stop

We’re only into the ride a couple of days and for the most part we haven’t encountered anything we hadn’t prepared for. Everyone’s healthy and in good spirits. I find though that during a long day of riding, if someone says we’ve got 10 miles to go to get to a rest area or to be done for the day, then it had better be 10 miles. Less is good, but my body says 11 miles is out of the question. Or maybe my mind says that and convinces my both of it.
In Sacramento we met Steve Spears, a colleague of Bill’s. We were offered indoor camping and showers in one of the Adventist High School campus’ buildings. Showers were a little cold, but they felt great after a long day. Then Steve treated us to an excellent dinner. Another good day done.


Dinner with Steve Spears