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June 16, One Year Later

It was Father’s Day. My day began with texts of well wishes from the older 3 kids and a cool bike made out of wire Mark and Matthew picked up from a street artist in San Francisco. I am grateful to have Michelle and the boys with me. I had hoped early on in the planning stages when Michelle cheerfully agreed to SAG for the team, that we could include the boys. I knew it would have a huge impact on them … maybe not right away, but as I’ve seen over the last year, events of the ride have impacted them in surprising ways. And I can’t help but think about my dad too, who passed on to a better place 7 years ago. What would he have thought about all of this?

Father's Day

Father’s Day

Scott McKinney (in red/black), a biking friend of our host, rode with us out of Sacramento using the bike trails assets the city has. We saved a whole lot of time not having to refer to maps for the twists and turns every couple miles. Lots and lots of climbing on this day. Along the way though we posed outside Folsom Prison, had pie in Placerville. Personally my legs are getting tight, and I’m bringing up the rear. Or at least I would had it not been for Mark B, who will get the ‘no rider left behind’ award in my book.


The last 10 miles of the day were a killer for me, and I wonder how the rest of the ride is going to go if on day 3 I’m sucking wind so bad. The scenery was awesome though, 100ft pines lining a two lane road through a national forest.   We called ahead to Cook’s Station and talk to Jack and Connie, purveyors of Station. They were going to close a couple hours before we were going to get there, but they kept the place open late just for us, and we had some excellent fish and chips. They allowed us to camp on their party deck. So many stars. And the first serious leg cramp.