Mercy Riders

Pushing pedals, pushing hope

June 24, One Year Later

A year ago this day the Blackhawks won the Cup.  We watched the end of the game in a pizza place in Enoch, UT.

We were suppose to go another 12 miles or so, but it was getting late.  Michelle was off trying to find a campground.  We’d gotten a bit of a late start, mainly because a group of us rode in the night before under the lights of one of the SAG vehicles.  Greg and Keith go off to a business adjacent our route, and they were directed to a former Mormon bishops home, that of  Vern and Janice.  They are empty nesters and have a lot of room, and offer us to stay indoors at their place.  More great luck.

During the ride, on the long straight road where you seem to be able to see forever, this time we see something along the road on the left side.  Of course it takes forever to get to it, and it ends up being a old abandoned house with a pen of some sort and a big tree in the front.  We’re tired so we stop and rest a little.  There’s cow manure and beer bottles all over the place too.  And we don’t know where Jim is.  Keith concludes drunk cows buried Jim under the house.  I laughed so hard I cried.