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June 26, One Year Later

In addition to my second leg message of the trip, today we hiked several miles in the canyon on this day, getting up close to the orange stone. You could literally take pictures all day.

Internet access throughout the ride so far has been very sparse. Michelle’s phone can act as a hot-spot, but you need coverage to do that and it’s spotty at best. Even where there is access, it’s anything but high speed.  Again we’re reminded of those things we take for granted. Directions, which are pretty straight forward looking at them on the internet are another thing when you have to unfold the paper map, if you can find the last person that had it. But hey, we’re roughing it so no complaints. Just as long as there’s way. And ice. We put a premium on ice. It’s hard to take one of your water bottles and squirt some on your head to cool off as I ride. On a real hot day in Illinois months before I learned the hard way that it was necessary. It was a valuable lesson.

But back to the scenery….


Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon