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June 27, One Year Later

We blast out of Bryce Canyon with an early start, the beginning of a scheduled long ride ahead.  Early on we make great time, getting in almost 50 miles before 10am, and a stop in Estalante to refuel.  The staff a the Circle D were courteous but I think we overwhelmed them because it took a while to get the pancakes, which were great.

The days are getting hotter and hotter, and the scenery is changing consistanty, mostly in the tan to orange and red, with little green.  There are outcroppings that look like inspirations for massive temples.  I hope to return to this general area for some painting and sketching opportunities.

We end the day about 30 miles short of where the plans say we should be.  I’ll say it again; riding 140 miles here is not the same as back in Illinois.  Just say-n.  The end of the day has become one of the things am looking forward to.  While the route is staying true, where we plan on staying is not.  But instead of stress, we’re seeing it as opportunity, and today is no acception.  We’re in Torrey, UT and we’ve stopped at the Broken Spur Inn and Steakhouse.  Naturally we have steak.  They have one room.  But they also have a conference room.  For the price of one room, and our promise to be out of the conference room by 7am, we’re set with indoor camping.  Unbelievable.  Again.


Heading out of the canyon area

Heading out of the canyon area