Mercy Riders

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June 30, One Year Later

A few riders, me included, get an early start because there’s a mountain to climb and maybe not being the stallions of the group, this might even things out at the end of the day.  It didn’t really help.

For the first time in a while, we have some shade in the morning along route 145.  The climb begins and we experience some cold.  Where was this 2 days ago!  And fo the first time in over two weeks, it rains.   For an hour as we ride.  It’ll rain again for 10 minutes later in the day.

At Placerville we turn north/east on route 62 and end the day in Ridgeway, where a church allows us to camp on their porch. So many stars; the milky way is clearly visable. And a new experience for me, the Orvis Hot Springs. Being modest folk and traveling as a family, we steer clear of the clothing optional area, although I think Matthew might have taken a wrong turn and got a very quick education.

Evening in Ridgeway

Evening in Ridgeway