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July 9, One Year Later

Last year I wrote I didn’t remember much about this stretch. Looking at the route and reviewing some pictures, a few things come back. Claire had called ahead and secured a place to stay in Omaha NE, only 120 some odd miles away, saving us money on lodging yet again.

Michelle and the boys often go out and hit some museums and saw the sights. On this day they visited a museum of small, old buildings. Mark and Matt enjoy the basic of small spaces.

We're happy that pictures don't have audio

We’re happy that pictures don’t have audio

One of the positive things about riding in the open fields is that the roads are pretty true east west/ north south. Often times there’s a shoulder, separated from the road by the evil rumble strip. Hitting that at the wrong time takes miles of energy out of you. As you approach the bigger cities, straight roads give way to stop, turn, stop turn and so on. Most of the trials of the day occurred at the end of this day as we approached Omaha. We don’t have the convenience of the compact maps we’d had earlier in the ride, so we relied on technology. And sometimes, technology sucks. There was an outburst, and some things that IF taken out of context would not have been good. But cooler heads prevailed. It was another long day, with some climbing at the very end. It’s an odd thing that if you’re told 5 miles to go, the body shuts down at 5, maybe 5.1 miles. Mine does. Psyching yourself out by adding 4 miles to whatever you heard doesn’t work either.

Ragbrai is 7 day organized ride across Iowa. We’re still technically in Nebraska. We have 4 days of riding before out goal of being in the Chicagoland area by Saturday evening. We have some long days ahead of us.