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July 13, One Year Later

On this day we are scheduled to be home at the end of the day. Home for half of us anyway. Once again we are blessed with great weather, not too hot as I recall.

Even though the miles are rattling off, early on we don’t seem to be making good time. Soon though, we begin to see familiar monuments from long rides we had done in preparation for this ride. Now the miles seem to go quicker as the “theory of relativity” kicks in. We’ve been down this road before so naturally it goes quicker, like getting older – time seems to fly by faster.

Claire, her father and sister

Claire, her father and sister

The last leg to the 120 mile day is down the Old Plank Trail, our friend in that it’s well covered and shields us from the winds. I personally use the eastern part of it to get to work. We cross the signature ‘A’ frame bridge over route 45 and see in the distance a bunch of people, our family and friends; an awesome sight. I don’t recognize everyone. There’s someone hugging Claire, and they begins to hug the rest of the gang one by one, not concerned about our need for a shower. It’s Claire’s father. Her mom was right behind. What a cool way to end the ride that day. We got off the bike path and Rose (Greg’s wife) arranged for dinner at their home, literally 2 houses away. We prayed, ate, and for four of us, slept in our own beds for the first time in a month.

At Greg and Rose's for Dinner

At Greg and Rose’s for Dinner