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July 16, One Year Later

With a generous two day rest, we’re on schedule and back on the road.  And it’s hot and humid.  It was hot and humid coming out of Denver, but it was more of a gradual buildup.  Here, after enjoying some civilization and air conditioning, it’ s a little bit of a shock.

I am the holder of the map, a mostly made up route based on lines on a computer.  The satellite view is not quite there yet in terms of knowing if the route you picked is all pavement or if you’re in gravel.  Today is all pavement, beginning at the point on the Old Plank Trail we ended a few days earlier.  I’ve navigated half of the route before on trips out to meet Michelle blueberry picking in Indiana.

The scenery today is traditional midwest.  Corn and other crops.  But there are some gems, a few depicted here.

No Caption Necessary

No Caption Necessary


Greg took this shot of JoAnn, riding home from the hardware store with a gallon of paint

Greg took this shot of JoAnn, riding home from the hardware store with a gallon of paint

Toward the end of the day’s ride, I start feeling something on my tire, like gum, so I stop.  It’s not something on the tire, it’s coming off the tire.  The tire is falling apart.  Many of the roads today had the surface tar that tends to stick to your tires, and I think my tire wanted to join it’s petroleum brother.  We’re only about 10 miles from our destination and the tire holds out long enough.  Jim guides us to a Super 8 in Rochester, IN he’d ridden to before this trip, and we got another great rate, as we’re getting good at asking for discounts, and we’ve found that Keith and his English accent has quite the persuasive power about it.

Over the duration of the ride so far, with the exception of the two days of rest in Frankfort, we have yet to find WiFi that is actually reliable.  McDonald’s is always flakey, kicking you off from time to time.  The hotel’s computer is slow.  One thing Michelle and I did do is get Michelle a nice phone that doubled as a WiFi hotspot.  I knew it would have limitations, but it worked ok as long as we were sending text and very small images.

Today was a good day.  I’ll spend an hour figuring out our route for the next day.  I used to live in Indiana.  When people asked what time it was, I’d say 1970.  For some reason the internet speed didn’t get the memo.