Mercy Riders

Pushing pedals, pushing hope

July 19, One Year Later

On this day we ride through Wooster and Canton, OH. Along the way we happened upon the Shenandoah Bike Shop, run by an Amish family. We pass many buggies, the sign of simpler times.

Passing on your left!

We planned our end of day resting place better than most days, but as we arrive, we find our plans have fallen through. Directly across the street from where we were to stay is the Mount Zion Church. A few of its members are still around, and allow us to camp on their lawn. We’re a good distance from any dinner place, and we’re in need of supplies. Keith spots a sign for a golf course and the music minister of the church and he drives the 3 miles to it to see if we can shower there and maybe get something to eat. He comes back and they don’t have showers, but they will stay late for us and feed us all we can eat fish and chips! This trip just seems like it was arranged to show each of us how there are so many good people in the world.  It really keeps our spirits up.