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July 20, One Year Later

Long day today made longer by the fact we don’t have clear directions again.  Did I mentioned my frustration with that?  If not, I soon will.  Ask anyone within a mile radius of a little gas station on south side of the Monongahela River after I was asked if my phone call was important.  The acoustics are perfect there.  Better than a tile shower.

I always expect a big sign as you cros the state line.  Not so since we crossed the Mississippi.  Pennsylvania kinda crept up on us.  We knew we were close as the hills became more and more a challenge.   Late morning we cross the Ohio River.  Over the bridge is a power plant, and Jim decides to go for his camera.  His front wheel decides to go for the expansion joint in the road, and Jim’s bike becomes possessed; but Jim doesn’t fall and doesn’t run into the curb and into the river.  The more I looked at it the more I see he tempted fate.  Check this link out.

Jim vs the Bridge over the Ohio River.

The hills here are steep.  Very steep.  Sometimes you wonder if you’ll fall backwards steep.   Early afternoon we’re in Pittsburg.  I look at the map a year later and see that we’re only supposed to cross one river.  This day we seem to be crossing rivers at will, and there was a dead end that I’ll never forget.  Someone at Google needs to update a map.

About 5 miles from Greensburg, PA (our destination) we’re back on route 30.  No side roads to take.  It’s getting dark so we decide to live to ride another day and get picked up by the van.  It was great to have Matt back back with the pack this evening.  Camping with his cousins was over, and Michelle’s sister-in-law Jill brought him to us this evening.  He’ll be a big help going forward.