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July 22, One Year Later

The day starts off foggy and overcast. We break camp for what will be the last time we use our tents. The fog lifts but the overcast sticks around. The last time we were rained on was the day before we rode into Denver. Seemed like forever ago.

It’s hot, but there’s not much in the way of climbing. We can tell we’re getting closer to sea level. Rides of 100+ miles are left in the rear view mirror. Along the route today the mechanical bug bites again, this time with my handlebar shifter that controls the front derailleur. I’m stuck in the big chain ring. This would be unacceptable in mountainous riding, but is more of an annoyance.

There is a short rain delay. We seek shelter for about 20 minutes at a gas station.  Total strangers offer a place to stay just down the road.  While it’s tempting, it would lead to more miles for the next day, so we politely pass. We are beginning to head in a SE direction so we’re on different roads the whole day, starting in McConnellsburg. We’re off route 30 and on 16, then 416, then missed a turn to stay on 416, so a couple miles are added. I missed a sign that we’d passed into Maryland. I would have like to know… Anyway 416 turns in to Maryland 58 and we take that straight into Hagerstown, MD.

The decision is made to stay at a Days Inn mainly because of impending rain. And it rained hard all through dinner at the local Texas Road House. Good call. And this will be our last day in a hotel, and one last wash in the hotel laundry room

Jerseys washed and ready for DC

Jerseys washed and ready for DC